Franchise Program

Much like power and water, high-speed internet has become a necessity of life. Join the internet revolution with our unique franchise program. Become a hometown hero with no technical experience necessary.

what problem are we solving?

There is an urgent need to expand high-speed internet to millions of people living in rural areas across North America and Canada. Bridge Internet is solving the problem bringing internet to rural areas for online shopping, streaming, remote healthcare, online education, social media, virtual meetings, gamers and online banking. 

With over 20% of rural areas still being underserved there is an enormous opportunity to bridge the internet gap in those communities. With emerging 5G and existing 4G solutions Bridge Internet fills the niche of rural areas’ internet needs with speed and efficiency. Our team with over 70 years of combined industry experience has developed the well-oiled machine we call Bridge Internet. We hope you join us on the wireless grid today.

Why Partner with Bridge Internet?


Our unique program lends to partner success without any prior industry experience. No day-to-day intervention is required. The proprietary Bridge Internet system is a highly scalable well-oiled WISP program that can deliver on the promise of broadband today.

Bridge Internet has the following resources available:

Our partners have access to real-time reports of income, ticketing, billing, sales and more. We are well equipped for success in all aspects of the WISP business. Our proprietary business model ensures our partners can rest assured they are in good hands with Bridge Internet.


wireless technology

Wireless internet is the future. As the large cable corporations use fiber to the homes and businesses, Bridge Internet has the technology to deliver wirelessly from existing cell phone towers.

Our highly reliable and redundant network is like nothing else the WISP industry has ever seen. Bridge Internet utilizes proprietary 4G/5G technologies to deliver on its promise of internet to rural areas. Our state-of-the-art hybrid network utilizes a redundant fiber optic backbone in addition to the latest in wireless technologies. Our carrier grade equipment is highly scalable and puts Bridge Internet into a class of its own. Our rapid deployment system ensures rural areas will have access to internet today and not years down the road like wireline services. We are the last mile to connect rural communities.

Our proprietary system has been developed in partnership with industry leading equipment manufacturers to provide a true carrier grade solution that was designed for ease of installation and scalability. Our entire infrastructure is software upgradable to ensure the latest technologies are in place without requiring a truck roll. This allows our subscribers to experience service like non other before.

What does a Franchise look like?

Our program is like no other opportunity in the franchise business. No industry experience necessary. Our efficient and highly automated business model enables our partners to enjoy a 50/50 net profit share with Bridge Internet.


What we do

We have perfected the Internet business model and handle all aspects of the day to day operations including:

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